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March 2013
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WFMT Chime In

Chime In: March 26, 2013

  • Lee

    Good Morning WFMT from Brazil! A native Chicagoin here listening to the live stream because I love Chicago and love WFMT. Thank you for brining home to my home away from home!

  • Gordon Wilder

    Gordon Wilder
    Highland, Indiana
    Listening this morning to the Haydn “Seven Last Words” and the comments preceding its playing brings back fond memories. Several years ago three of our area churches choirs combined to do this work in English. We did everything except the orchestral final section depicting the stormy events after Jesus’ crucifixion. Time did not allow us to rehearse this before its presentation. We used organ and a string quartet as accompaniment.
    The comments made today are “right on” in my opinion. I was fortunate enough to conduct the work and my focus WAS on the text and indeed the music DOES focus and enhance the textual message.
    I liked our performance enough and the performance had enough recording equipment, not superlative by any means but much better than my choral performances recorded by a boom box which was the usual recording equipment for the area choirs I often conducted, that I sent a copy to Andy Karzis. I had gone with him on his first opera tour. [What an experience! He REALLY knew his singers and he took me one afternoon with him in Vienna to several important musical places, where Beethoven lived etc.]

  • Connie Speake

    Why am I listening to WFMT right now? -because it’s morning! I always turn on the radio, which is set to 98.7, when I get up. I love the station at any time of the day or evening. Even though I have a DMA and 50 years of teaching experience, I always learn something new listening to WFMT, or hear some wonderful piece I’ve known “forever”. CS

  • Douglas Utzke

    I have been listening to Andrew Pattner and I too am a critic. He talks real slow and his pieces sometimes are so boring I have to pull off the road to keep from falling asleep. Part of the problem I think is that he talks and possibly writes in passive voice, “The child was bitten by the dog.” I think his pieces would be much more interesting if he wrote and talked in active voice, “The dog bit the child.”
    For instance his piece on the Vienna Philharmonic’s history could have been cut in half simply by asking the audience in an oral quiz form which orchestra was under Nazi influence? Which orchestra was used for propaganda purposes during World War 2? And which orchestra had its first violinist thrown to his death by out a window?

  • Carol

    Why am I listening to WFMT this morning? My morning alarm clock is WFMT. I am not a morning person and usually awaken grumpy . However, when WFMT radio comes on at 7A.M. I listen carefully and when I hear something I have not heard before or when I learn something I did not know before, I get out of bed believing today will be a good one.

  • Ellen G

    I’m studying abroad in Ireland (studying for a final exam as we speak) and always loved having WFMT in the background for my studies at home. Loving that I can still listen here!

  • PHT

    I lived and worked in the Chicago area for over 20 years and became a fan of WFMT during my morning commute when I started getting ‘information overload’ listening to NPR. I also greatly enjoy the Saturday evening folk music programming as I cannot find anything like it on other stations. Now that I live and work in Central Iowa, I have started listening to WFMT through the local WiFi (at work and home) and an iPod as I work in a cube and it drowns out the surrounding conversations which I do not need to hear. It is also very informative and helps keep me going. Also, the local public public radio station was changed from a classical station to a news station and the replacement station is not as strong.

  • Leslie H.

    Many reasons – as a pleasant companion as I work, the wake up from dreamland treat, the superb music education, but more because WFMT is full of surprises. Anytime an impromptu or blast from the past can bring delight and astonishment. Interviews in Chicago and abroad are wonderful. The long ago Garrick Ohlsson & the recent Valentina Lasitsa interviews are my current favorites as well as Salzburg churchbells celebrating Mozart.

  • Elsie Hickey Wilson

    WFMT is our constant companion via the stream, all day, from waking up to night sleep time.
    The constant high quality of music, the wide variety…classical and Saturday folk music, the highly informed sharing about the music from the announcers make it unique among radio stations. Also, thanks for the Latino musical and the historical programs, and the programs regarding Jewish holidays and music.

  • Judy Floeter

    I listen every morning from 5:58 to 7:00. It’s the only way to start the day!

  • Rich

    We listen to WFMT each morning [and through the day] because it is enlightening, refreshing and communicates with intelligent programming – We are grateful for the constancy!

  • Al Telser

    Where else can you have so many moments per hour of auditory pleasure 24/7? I have any and every radio I can set to 98.7 FM — and have done so for over 50 years!

  • Bob Morrissey

    Why am I listening to WFMT right now?

    The “Impromptu” with Joseph Calleja is batting a thousand.

    Why? Because:

    …It’s truly LIVE! What a marvelous voice! With the wonderful Bill Billingham at the piano.

    …Lisa Flynn is asking intelligent and detailed questions that provoke fascinating answers.

    ….AUTHENTICITY: here are three people who ARE the real thing, and at the top of their game, and all PASSIONATE about what they do.

    …Where ELSE can you get this kind of programming? Not since Studs Terkel have I been so informed

    AND moved.

    Kudos to all!

  • Sharon Sparks

    I’m listening for the first time because I saw your post on Facebook that Joseph Calleja was in the studio from 1-2 pm. I am still listening because the music is a wonderful backdrop for working. I will definitely bookmark your page and tune in again!

  • Rebecca Gray Smith, Chicago

    I listen to WFMT because I heard the music and Studs when I was in my mother’s womb–WFMT was my mother’s link to the world. Some of my earliest memories are Studs’ great interviews (and his cackle), and Beethoven et al. I am the person I am today because of what WFMT has so fabulously provided to Chicagoland for 60+ years (and now to the planet, thanks to streaming online!). Now, as an artist your station and all its wonders provides a platform for my work.

  • David Krizek

    I love listening to WFMT daily; it’s a great inspiration for me to hear such great performances, especially when I play the piano myself. I also find it educational to learn about all the composers and their pieces, and how they all contributed to the vast classical music repertoire. Thank you for expanding the outreach and influence of classical music in the Chicagoland area and beyond.

  • Sharon Sparks

    I posted earlier that I saw your post on Facebook about Joseph Calleja, but it was Lyric Opera of Chicago’s FB post. Oops!

  • richard – chicago

    sometimes i wish wnib was still around – i dont like the way your treating your programs and announcers – richard of chicago