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March 2013
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Chime In: March 21, 2013

  • Cynthia Sharp

    ha ha ha! Carl, I thought you just said that “Bach was the most deranged..” but then realized you said “arranged”. I had a little chuckle. Thanks for being a major part of my every weekday morning.

  • Catherine Kistler

    Happy Bach’s birthday to fellow Bach lover Carl. I didn’t have time to submit my limerick the other day – but it is more fitting today, anyway. ‘If we ask, “Which composer is best?”, there’s only one who passes the test! Not Mozart or Handel; They don’t hold a candle To Bach, who surpasses the rest!’ Thanks for the wonderful programming this morning!

  • Marvin Zonis

    Listening to Bach from St. Barthelemy. Thanks so much.

  • Valorie Berman

    I just love WFMT and so does my peaceful little cat, Chloe. When I am not home, I always leave WFMT on to soothe her while I am away. Bill McLaughlin’s Exploring Music is just educational and fun! I can’t imagine mornings without Carl G’s cheery voice and interesting tidbits. I always enjoy the New Releases with Lisa Flynn…seems she finds the very best of new recordings. Also love Peter Van de Graff..through the night..just last night/this morning..heard the most exquisite Bach..thanks to Peter. Love Elbio Barrilare’s (sp?) program…it’s great to have another culture represented on would be wonderful to have other ethnicities from time to Middle Eastern (such great music)..etc.

    Was GLUED to the radio last Monday, for the program about Big Bill Broonzy, with Henry Fogel..I think..and the author Reisman. I like Of Heart and Voice..altho seem to have lost track of it..think it is on at a new time? Milennium of Music..altho it often comes on a little too late for me. And, one of my long time favorites has been From the Top. And so much more…so thank you, enrich my life! And today is a most wonderful day..the celebration of the divine J.S. Bach!!!! Yay!!!

  • Sylva

    Very impressed with this Harmonica playing! As an amateur harmonica player I know how hard it is to play the harmonica with the degree of precision this type of piece takes! Didn’t think I was going to love classical music on the harmonica but I find myself intrigued by it. Just one question: what is the name of the piece? And who is playing? Thanks!

  • Miranda Street

    Waiting to find out when An American experience will begin. Will it be available online? Listening from Vancouver, BC Canada for it to start.

  • Elizabeth Talbott

    I just enjoyed Copland’s Appalachian Spring and I’m wondering if this recording by the Philadephia orchestra is one your announcers particularly recommend? I’m from Appalachia and this music always brings me home. Happy Spring!