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March 2013
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WFMT Chime In

Chime In: March 20, 2013

  • Valerie Smith

    I think I can’t hear the live streaming this morning. :-(

  • Sonia Csaszar

    Dear Carl,
    Happy spring! Could you please play Jannecquin’s (or is it Le Jeune”s?) “Reveci venir du Printemps” and the English Jacobean piece “When May is in his Prime” (voice and viols) this morning?
    Merci beaucoup,
    Sonia Csaszar

  • Sherrie

    Thanks for the wonderful “spring” themed music this morning. It might be below freezing outside, but the music is keeping hope alive!

  • Susan Catania

    Our classical radio station
    is clearly the best in the nation.
    It’s 24/7,
    like being in heaven.
    WFMT—lasting sensation!

  • Donald

    Dear WFMT/Peter Van De Graaff, do you want to know what I think? Here is my response: I think that you’re all WONDERFUL, and I LOVE you! This station is sooooo super special to me. I wrote asking to hear by Christopher Simpson, “The Seasons”, and NOW, it’s actually happening! I didn’t expect it. What a pleasant surprise! THANK YOU! (I also love the fact that virtually the entire day has been devoted to the changing of the season. Very appropriate….)

    I’m also perceiving some serious changes to the “flavor” of the station. I must first tell you that I’m a LONG time listener, from the mid/late fifties, and I’m now hearing the kinds of things that first endeared me to this station, over half a century ago. For example, today, I heard a poem being read by Archibald MacLeish. This took me back to when I heard a recording of his play, “J.B” on WFMT, back in the sixties! It’s nice to again hear poetry being read, on the air, as music is only one of the fine arts!

    The range of your programming is absolutely EXCEPTIONAL! Because of you, just today, I heard some music by Nick Drake, for the first time in my life. I was so very impressed!

    WFMT: You are truly a GEM, with respect to the cultural life of Chicago. Your station has clearly altered the direction of my life, and I am very grateful, for this. I will continue to renew my membership, in the Fine Arts Circle, as long as I’m alive and able to do so.

    Thank you!

  • Jodee Vragel

    Hi Carl,

    This morning between 8:10 and 9:10 you played Bach’s “Festive Cantata for Christmas Morning” by the Monteverdi Choir. I emailed my choir director to suggest that our choir perhaps sing this. My choir director looked at the WFMT schedule to find out the number of the cantata. He asked me which one it was. I looked at the schedule and cannot tell from what is written there what you played. Can you please email me the number of the cantata that you played. I would appreciate it. Thanks so much.

    The program this am was terrific!!!

    Best Regards,

    Jodee Vragel