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February 2013
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Question of the Day: Kids and Music

Kids and Music

When did you notice that a child close to you had fallen in love with classical music?

When I was listening to my son’s mp3 player and realized he had Beethoven mixed in there with the Rolling Stones and Eminem!

J. Hannon

Our little boy has loved it almost since birth. He’s now 3.5 and can recognize quite a few composers if he hears their music (Beethoven, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Saints-Saens, etc).

J. Cresswell

Our baby girl laughed preciously every time she heard music, especially pieces by Mozart, ever since she turned 5 months. We knew that music lived in her.

S. Natsvlishvili

We were riding in the car, listening to the radio, and our three year old son piped up from the back seat, “That’s Mozart! He’s my favorite!” And he was right.

V. Lee

My son has been requesting 98.7 since his toddler years in the car. His favorites are Haydn’s trumpet concerto (3rd movement) and Rossini’s William Tell Overture (finale).

C. Baik

When my eldest, Raef, was 4 months old my wife ( a clarinetist) and I (piano) had a rehearsal for Messiean’s Quartet for the End of Time. we couldn’t find a babysitter so we put him in a car seat in the middle of the ensemble. he sat their wide-eyed and didn’t make a peep for 1 1/2 hours.

W. Eddins

Just a few days ago I was in the car with my twenty month old daughter listening to wfmt and she said “moooore” after a lovely, lively piece for recorder had ended. (I wish I caught the composer’s name. All I know is that it was mis-attributed to Telemann.)

A. Rauhauser

Just last week a couple I know played “Carnival of the Animals” for their 2.5 year old, and, knowing a picture book of the same name, the child picked the book up and asked it to be read to him.

D. McCann

Last night, listening to the Lyric’s Rigoletto, my 13 year old daughter heard the clapping after an aria and said, “Wait, is this live? Turn it up please.” I was silently so proud.

R. Olson

Our daughter loved it when she heard it in the car. However, she didn’t like it as a teenager. Now that she is in her late 20s, she is coming back.

R. Roderick

I took my son to see Ingmar Bergman’s “Magic Flute” — he was maybe five — and he sat through the whole thing mesmerized. Driving home, he said “do we have that record?” and since we did, he listened to it all the way through again.

L. Seebach

Mohammed, my son, loves all kinds of music. When he was 6, he listened to Carmina Burana and loved it. And now 11, he continues to enjoy it.

A. Tulaimat

When my 11-year-old was cast as an extra at the Lyric…she came home singing the Meistersang. All the Mozart I’ve played at home for the last 11 years doesn’t add up to one experience of Wagner, I guess.

H. Rehwaldt

Never. But my cat likes it.

D. Dzwonkoski

When my daughter Elisabeth was a preschooler, her favorite tape (yes, this was in the days of VHS tapes) was Ingmar Bergman’s film version of The Magic Flute. She would often gather her neighborhood friends to “play” Magic Flute, assigning roles to each. (“You be the Prince.” “You be the Queen of the Night.” She herself always took the role of Pamina.) As a young teen, Elisabeth saw her first opera–of course, it was The Magic Flute. Her love of opera grew during her high school years and then really blossomed when she went to college in NYC and could get $20 student tickets for Met productions. Although she’s only 25, she’s seen many of the great operas..but her favorite remains The Magic Flute.

J. Volk

I haven’t seen it in other kids yet, but I remember walking around our house when I was 13 humming parts of Mahler’s 2nd Symphony. My dad asked my mom how many kids my age were doing that.

A.M. Frisk

My then 2 year-old daughter Louise and I were staying with my parents for a holiday in Germany. Grandma, lovingly known as ‘Omi’ put on the Jupiter Symphony just before bedtime. The next thing I knew, my 3 year old turned the bed into a trampoline and insisted 70 year old Omi dance with her. When the Symphony ended she demanded: “again” and Omi, who was laughing heartily indulged her – over and over. It was a mighty late bedtime that night. The Jupiter Symphony is still one of Louise’s favorite pieces, though she has added many others since then.

A. Ries

I first realized my son Chris loved classical music when in third grade, he picked up his violin to practice without being asked. Later, just to tip it in, he realized he could sound out songs, like Fur Elise, on the piano when he heard them. When interested, we would buy the sheet music so he could play it completly on the piano, then convert to his violin.

S. Pease

My son received his first clock radio a couple of years ago when he was 11. The very first thing he did was to set the alarm to WFMT!

J. Dillon

We knew our son Ian and daughter Cody were classical music lovers after a date night out. We came home early and saw them frolicking in the front living room, jumping off the couch and chair…while playing our classical music  LPs. They were having the time of their lives. Another clue was their love of chasing our bulldog Beefy around the dining room table to – what else? – the William Tell Overture!  Every time you aired it, off they would go! The kids went on to play euphonium, trombone and electric base, Ian receiving his degree in euphonium performance at Lawrence University. We are so lucky classical music is a big part of their lives.

L. Wallace

When I came in to the living room to find by then-teenage daughter seated on the floor in front of the TV and weeping as Cho-Cho-San committed suicide.  Thank you PBS, Great Performances, and subtitles.

H. Klaviter

See one conductor’s prescription:

  • Nurca Bozkurt

    One day while changing my then 2 year-old son Tolga’s diaper, he closed his eyes and started to wave his hands up in the air and move his head gently side to side… I asked him what he was doing and he said in his little toddler voice: “I am conducting the orchestra”. When he turned 3, he declared he wanted to play the violin. He is now 7 and an eager violin student at the Music Institute of Chicago.

  • c petersen

    my husband and I (and my parents) are longtime opera goers. When pregnant with my second child, she seemed particularly content during the operas, even the epic Wagner events. She also relished her older sister’s Kindermusik classes, clapping and wiggling along in her baby carrier. She has since become quite a musician and singer, and loves to perform on a stage…

  • Linda Motz

    While he always seemed to enjoy and appreciate classical music while growing up, I knew our son would always love it when he had Beethoven’s Ninth on his computer while he was making his notes in preparation for taking his Bar Exam.