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December 2010
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WTTW Presents a Christmas Concert From Norway, Thursday 9PM

Photo: Jason Rich

Thursday at 9PM, WFMT’s sister television station WTTW Channel 11 will present a Christmas concert from a Hamar, Norway featuring Grammy-nominated soprano Measha Brueggergosman, whose Mahler songs with the Cleveland Orchestra is up for best vocal performance.

WFMT producer David Polk had a chance to chat with Measha about performing this concert in Norway, which she enjoyed because it has nothing to do with music about “mothers kissing santa claus” :

Measha Brueggergosman on Christmas in Norway

Rick Steves loves Christmas in Norway, too:

YouTube Preview Image
  • Georgia Fountoulakis

    Might anyone have the lyrics to Mikis Theodorakis Song of Praise Ode to Zeus?

  • Debra

    Carl recited the lyrics to the All Souls Song this morning, November 2nd, between 8:18-8:34 a.m. He did this preceding the beautiful song. Does anyone know the name of the song – I would really like to search for a copy of the lyrics. Beautiful!!

  • carlo Julio

    It would be nice to have a list of all the selections played during Carl’s program, why are tehy not listed in the schedule?

  • Armando

    Amor brujo is more properly translated as Wicked Love.
    It is one of those phrases that you can get lost in translation when translated word by word.

  • Jennifer Richards

    I love listening to your morning programs. They are always fun and interesting. I would like to hear Guide to Britten by Flanders and Swann and some of Donald Swann’s other songs that are not usually heard. Whatever you can dig up would be great.

    • Ann Raven

      This morning, Carl played “And now the great bear” by Britten with Britten’s partner, Peter Pears singing. That was greatly appreciated!

  • Phil Perry

    For the 5:58 club, I would like to request Liszt, S558, it’s called something about wasser zu singen or zu singen … wasser is in the title , maybe it’s supposed to sound like a waterfall, but it’s beautiful.

  • Mitchell Marks

    I was aware of the elder John Corigliano, by name, long before his son the composer arrived on the scene. On an LP of Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Scheherazade” that my family had in my youth, concertmaster Corigliano was credited for his playing of the solo violin part.

  • Ann Raven

    I LOVE, LOVE, “The Night of the Flying Horses” by Golijov that you just played! Thank you Kaias!

  • ThankYou

    Carl certainly adds an unfortunate slant to the news, “liberally” attaching colorful adjectives and adverbs that sound like put-downs to anything non-democrat. One can almost see them gleefully scrawled in red pen across the AP “rip-&-read” copy. “Leaving the Republican’s plans in TATTERS…” “Trump’s FAILED plan…” Etc.

    Even the morning of Trump’s election, Carl felt compelled to discount the win by adding “A high percentage of those voting for Trump were uneducated, white males…” Many who happen to listen to WFMT apparently. Thanks, Carl. Guess that double degree from a Liberal Arts College (ironically) is only in my head.

    A word of advice: stop editorializing the news with bitterness and stick to the music where you truly shine. Who knows, you might even earn a few more donations come pledge time instead of comments like these.

  • Carol Olmstead

    Carl, The Fox Valley Chapter of the American Guild of Organists is giving an organ concert Friday night, July 28, 7:30 pm. It is at Marmion Abbey, Aurora, 7:30pm. We started this tradition in honor of the 250th anniversary of Bach’s death in 2000, and have been doing it every year since, on the last Friday in July. If you can mention it, I would be grateful.
    Carol Olmstead, organist
    Glen Ellyn IL
    (630) 469-7847

    P.S. I will be playing this year, as will 12 other organists.

  • Splishette

    I love Carl’s show but as an unabashed, far left liberal I don’t hear the ‘liberal slant’ a few of the conservatives on this thread complain about hearing. In contrast, I wish WFMT and other media would report a less conservative slant on the news!

    This Administration has committed many infractions and often get off with a mere reporting of the news, no slant either way. I wonder where that elusive ‘liberal media’ I keep hearing about may be in those cases. It seems we’re all simply not content with a moderate, down-the-middle news media. 🙂

    • Ann Raven

      Honestly, I have not heard a liberal slant either!

    • Sensibility

      I agree, have been raised on WFMT so listening now well over 50 years. It is a bastion of educated and intelligent opinion and programming. It is sanity especially now in this time of insanity and the cloud of totalitarianism truly threatening this democracy. It is ridiculous and insulting to label Carl Grapentine or the station anything other than sensible and intelligent and necessary to our civilized society.

  • Kathryn T Larsen

    Mr. Grapentine. What a wonderful way to start my day! As I backed out of the driveway, the William Tell Overture was just beginning. As the orchestra swung into the boisterous and famous “Lone Ranger” portion of the piece, I could not help but imagine what fun the members of the orchestra must have when they get to perform such a delightful selection. Thank you for sending me on my way this morning with a great big grin and goose bumps! ktl

    • Harvey Kahler

      I wonder if “The Lone Ranger” theme coincided with one of the many Metra departures?

  • David Weinberg

    Re: comments by Ann Raven, I second the motion! Quoth the Raven, evermore.

  • Ann Raven

    Carl Grapentine, thank you so much for the Mahler-in-the-morning today! Started my day off just right!

  • Paul Jackson

    I enjoyed the questions–got some right and learned somethings. I will always love WFMT–whenI lived in Chgo 77-86 and now that I am in ATL….maybe recycle some of Claudia’s reviews. lol?????

  • Greg Pawlowski

    I agree with John Shade. I drive my grandkids to school every day, and I used to listen to WFMT. When I choose to listen nowadays, I often turn the station off in disgust after hearing Carl Grapentine’s gratuitous editorial comments. Case in point: When the dictator in North Korea threatened to send missiles our way, Grapentine criticized Trump for not trying to placate the madman. He all but accused Trump for the belligerent rhetoric. I ( hopefully ) will listen to WFMT for the music, and not for Grapentne’s amateur editorializing. It is a mistake for WFMT to think that all of its listeners are of the liberal-progressive ideology.

  • Greg Pawlowski

    I drive my grandkids to school every day, and I used to listen to the beautiful music on WFMT. Nowadays, when I choose to listen in the mornings, I often turn off the station after a gratuitous Carl Grapentine editorial. Case in point: When the dictator in North Korea threatened to send nuclear missiles our way, Grapentine criticized Trump for not trying to placate the madman. He all but accused Trump of being the cause of heightened rhetoric. I will ( hopefully ) listen to WFMT for the music and not for Grapentine’s amateur editorials. WFMT is making a mistake if it assumes all of its listeners are of a liberal-progressive mind set. Maybe WFMT could give Grapentine his own editorial time slot.

  • Greg Pawlowski

    I used to listen to WFMT for its beautiful music every morning as I drove my grandkids to school. Nowadays, when I choose to listen to WFMT in the morning I often turn it off in disgust. The reason being that Carl Grapentine often gives gratuitous anti-Trump editorial comments. Case in point: When the dictator in North Korea threatened to send nuclear tipped missiles our way, Grapentine criticized Trump for not placating the madman. Grapentine all but blamed Trump for the heightened rhetoric. Maybe WFMT can give Grapentine his own editorial / commentary time slot. At least then I would be warned instead of being ambushed. WFMT is making a mistake if it believes that its listeners are all of the liberal-progressive mind set. Are its listeners as easily replaced as an announcer?

    • zz4j9m

      The idea that there is any excuse or defense for this disaster of a president and that he should be treated normally is repugnant. If ever there were a time to speak out against a growing fascism, it is now. Opposing this horrible president is hardly a liberal-progressive mind set. The well-being of the nation, and quite possibly the world, is at stake. Those who continue to support this man have many screws loose, or worse.

  • pbk

    How unfortunate the anyone listening to WFMT would not know the answer to Carl Grapentine’s morning quiz today because the station halted 40 years of playing A Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve. Two years ago I protested this change and was told that surveys now demonstrate that listeners don’t like “spoken word” programming; so out with Dylan Thomas, Charles Dickens, and seasonal poetry. With such an outlook, Studs Terkel wouldn’t even get a job interview at WFMT.

    “Spoken word” is an essential element of the fine arts that drive WFMT’s mission. These recordings are rare, of historical interest, feature timeless sentiments offered by great actors and speakers, and most important, represent the station’s operating principle that good programming that, while informed by listener tastes, requires judicious selection of works that elevate, instruct, and inspire.

    • Ann Raven

      I have loved these “spoken word” elements on WFMT’s playlist. Who are these “listeners” who control your decisions?

      • pbk

        Here’s what I was told in December 2016: “As we do more and more audience research, we are finding that listeners do not respond well to radio drama and readings, like A Child’s Christmas and the dramatized Dickens. They turn us off when we depart from playing music, and what’s almost worse, they don’t return. As you can imagine, this makes for very low ratings.

        Much the same concern applies to opera performances. While we have no intention of dropping live Lyric Opera opening nights, nor the live Met and other operas on Saturday afternoons, for the time being we are restricting our opera presentations to those two elements.”

        Incredible, IMHO.

      • Ann Raven

        I have noticed a few more opera pieces lately and rejoiced that you might be intending to play more vocal music. I hear mostly overtures. I don’t think you should contribute to the dumbing down of Chicago. I have been a faithful listener for many years and I want to hear more challenging music! Do I count? Surely others must agree (I hope…).

  • whatitis

    Interesting that there are so many deleted comments here. Do authors delete them or is it that anything critical of leftist bias is deemed uncivil? Hope WFMT is not going the way of Facebook and censoring thought that counters their oh so tolerant bent.

    • Splishette

      Whatitis – When comments are deleted it’s because the authors have violated a rule (no slander, no vulgarity, etc).

  • Stuart

    Having WFMT take any political slant, and more specifically Carl’s outraged tone when reporting political news, is jarring. It’s inappropriate in the way of a relative expressing his own religious or moral views at a family celebration – wrong time, wrong place. It’s an unnecessary intrusion from a morning radio show that used to be a bit of sanctuary. WFMT is a wonderful station but advocating any political position alienates half the listeners without really animating, very effectively, the other half. As a member, it is regrettable to see the radio station become another participant of the vitriol available from so many other sources. There are more appropriate forums for the debate. WFMT will lose it prominence as a source of culture and art if it chooses to involve itself in sausage making.

  • krishna9012

    I belong to the 5:58 club and always loved to hear the soothing voice of Carl in the morning. Its a little disconcerting and am not eagerly looking forward for his upcoming retirement in June! Again he needs his well deserved retirement & rest. I love his sometimes confused weather forecasts – ” Its sunny and cloudy – well pick your choice”!!!

    May be its time for WFMT tech team to make a 20 CD package titled “Carl’s four seasons”! Each season is a 5 CD pack containing an hour from each day of the week of Carl’s morning program covering Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter! That would be a priceless gift WFMT can give to its listeners!

  • Tony Fico

    A Limerick for Karl

    Karl Grapentine, Morning Show Host,
    beginning his endless sabbatical,
    will be replaced by some cockney-tongued bloke,
    equally anglomaniacal.

  • Ann Raven

    Dear Carl G., this morning you played a delightfully “wonky” piece by Daniel Pinkham. I wanted to post it on my fb page but cannot find it on youtube. It was the jaunty rondo and it made me smile. Thanks for playing it! Ann R.

  • Ann Raven

    This afternoon I heard Bernstein, then Gershwin and I was thinking – NOW there will be some challenging music. Guess what came on – The Red Pony! Honestly! Are you becoming a pop classic station?

  • Ernest Paul Jones

    Carl Grapentine, has always interested me. He is clear. He is concise. He brings the accuracy of good journalism back to radio. His questions and answers are not for the mentally lazy. You will have to research to keep up with him. I am an On Air Personality who loves informing his listeners. I do not wish to tell them what they already know. I encourage them to listen to me. Correct me. And, then when the stupid has been evaporated, we can learn about the Classical music world.

  • Guy James Clark

    Thanx for all the years of a great morning program you have provided!
    I grew up in the Chicago suburbs (listening to WFMT (and WEFM and WNIB while they were still in operation)) for fifty years before moving to Silicon Valley, California. During my later Chicago years I had my alarm radio set to 5:57 so that the first thing I’d hear was your voice. Now, as I listen to WFMT on an Internet Radio, and even with the volume set low enough that my wife and I can sleep through Peter van de Graff’s show, I’ll hear your voice at 3:57am Califoria time, and have to turn it off, so I can get another hour or so’s sleep! I’m like Pavlov’s dog!

  • Harvey Kahler

    I have enjoyed Carl and his musicology for the last four decades and will miss him. It’s sad that the appreciation for Carl is marred by the deepening political divide. Truth is the loser in the battle between the two major parties.

    I miss fhe spoken word too, and remember back to the dramatization of Isaac Azimov’s “Foundation.” I wonder if Mark Blazar is being groomed to be the next Studs Terkel?

  • Dan Steiner

    Carl, we wish you a Wonderful “Retirement”. Thanks for the music and pleasure you’ve provided over these years!!

  • Steve Zieman

    It’s hard to believe it’s your last day at WFMT. I wonder if Phyllis Akers is listening from wherever she may be. If she’s not, I am. Best wishes with the next chapter of the Grapentine saga. See you in A2. Steve Zieman