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April 2010
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Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival – Week 2

You could say the second 2010 broadcast from the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival is all about the idea of songs without words, or how different composers express feelings, experience, patriotism, or even animals through music. Beginning with Anne Marie McDermott’s performance of “Spinning Song” from Mendelssohn’s beloved cycle Songs Without Words, the program also includes Janácek’s Concertino, in which the composer recalls some adventures of his boyhood, and Dvorák’s celebration of Czech dance music, the String Sextet in A Major.

Visit to hear excerpts from Marc Neikrug and Kerry Frumkin’s conversation about this week’s program and to find more about the artists and music featured in the broadcast.

What do a sword fight and a fidgety squirrel have to do with Janácek’s Concertino? Benny Kim tells tales of humor and high jinks from behind the scenes and Todd Levy describes the role of the e-flat clarinet in their performance of this work.

That and more, updated each week… I hope you’ll stop by.

Louise Frank
Series Producer

  • Anonymous

    It is Sunday morning, here on the central Oregon coast. I sit and listen to WFMT as I look out on my beautiful little deck, where I can attract birds to feed…and squirrels. I absolutely HATE squirrels. Why? They keep the birds away. Further, they seem to know exactly when I'm not paying attention, such that s/he is able to chow down a half cup of sunflower seeds (leaving the shells, of course), before I can get out to chase it off.Comes now this piece by Janacek, the Concertina, preceded by the wonderfully informative commentary. Thanks to that commentary, as I listen, there is no doubt in my mind what animal is being depicted.This might change my feelings about the squirrels….ah, nope…I don't think so. But what a fabulous piece of music, I would never have known about, had I not happened to be tuned in this morning.sharon