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      August 24, 2014

      Trad German: Es geht ein dunkle Wolk herein (1:02)
      Beethoven: Egmont: Die Trommel gerühret (2:57)
      Eisler: Kriegslied eines Kindes (2:13)
      Wolf: Der Tambour (2:45); Der Soldat II (0:47)
      Rachmaninoff: Polyubila ya na pečal’ svoyu (1:51)

      Anna Prohaska, soprano; Eric Schneider, piano

      For her third solo album, Anna Prohaska addresses the worlds of peace and war in music. “Behind the Lines” draws a connection to World War I in this, the centenary year. Joined by noted pianist Eric Schneider, she has programmed songs ranging from Beethoven, by way of Schubert, Schumann and Liszt, and turn-of-the-century composers Fauré, Mahler and Wolf, to the early-modern works of Weill and Eisler.

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