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      August 3, 2014

      Hindemith: Nobilissima Visione: Excerpts (21:14)

      Seattle Symphony / Gerard Schwarz

      A series of powerful, largely radical works in the early 1920s saw Paul Hindemith established as Germany’s leading young composer. In 1936, he was asked by choreographer and dancer Léonide Massine to collaborate on a ballet project, and Hindemith proposed scenes from the life of St Francis of Assisi. The resulting ballet, Nobilissima Visione (The Noblest Vision), is a work of lyricism, elegy and majesty. This is the first recording of the complete ballet score, not the three-movement concert suite that Hindemith later extracted. The Five Pieces for String Orchestra is an earlier, spirited work dating from 1927.

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