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      March 23, 2014

      Glière: Symphony No 3 in B minor, Op 42, Il’ya Muromets: I, Wandering Pilgrims (21:24)

      Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra / JoAnn Falletta

      “The Glière Symphony No 3 has always been a piece that shimmered on my horizon—a cult piece, in a way, renowned as the composer’s towering masterpiece but rarely played in concert. As long as a Mahler symphony and enormous in its instrumental requirements, it was a work that people spoke about reverently but almost never heard live. The recording was an adventure that changed our orchestra, strengthened us, and became an artistic benchmark for our musicians. This work is a cathedral in sound that unfolds in breathtaking swashes of color, poetry and monumental climaxes.” – JoAnn Falletta

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