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      July 14, 2013

      Trad Serbian: Borin Cocek (3:50)
      Trad Romanian: Doina, hora (5:28)
      Trad Greek & Turkish: Ta xyla & Çeçen kızı (2:59)

      Hespèrion XXI / Jordi Savall

      Jordi Savall once again enriches our view of a region teeming with history: the Balkans. Following on the success of ‘Spirit of Armenia,’ Alia Vox presents ‘Balkan Spirit’ – a collection of music that sheds light on a little-known repertoire conveying the whole spectrum of human emotions. Presented with both the iconographic richness and quality packaging that Alia Vox is famous for, this journey of musical discovery is another important milestone in the discography of Jordi Savall and his ensemble Hespérion XXI.

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