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      Chicago Chamber Musicians

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      Chicago Chamber Musicians

      Chicago Chamber Musicians

      Members of the Chicago Chamber Musicians celebrate the 150th anniversary of Debussy’s birth. Piano Trio in G, sonatas for violin and for cello, four-hand piano music including Six Epigraphes Antiques. (Host Kerry Frumkin)

      Sonata for Cello & Piano L. 135
      6 Epigraphes antiques, L. 131
      Marche ecossaise sur un theme populaire, L. 77
      Intermezzo for cello & piano, L. 27
      Nocturn and Scherzo for cello & piano, L. 27
      Nocturne and Scherzo for cello & piano, L. 26
      Piano Tro in G, L. 3
      Sonata for violin & piano in g, L. 140

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