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Audition for Introductions

Introductions is 98.7WFMT’s weekly showcase of the Chicago area’s finest pre-college classical musicians. The program airs every Saturday morning at 11 — often live — and is repeated Thursday evenings at 10.

Soloists, duos, choirs, small ensembles and large ensembles of any instrumentation are welcome to audition for Introductions. We also welcome occasional jazz, folk (of any world tradition) and musical theater musicians to perform for our listeners as long as they fulfill our other requirements.

If your ensemble is too big to perform in WFMT’s performance studio, we’ll come to you!


Introductions airs year-round and therefore applications are accepted at any time. Each application is screened individually and we generally schedule applicants several months prior to the performance date. As a general rule, we recommend applying a full semester prior to your hoped-for performance date. For example, if you are a senior and wish to perform in May before you graduation, apply no later than the preceding January.

Last-minute applicants will still be considered if there is space in the schedule.

Introductions is currently booked through August, 2014. Students are welcome to audition for performances taking place September 2014 or later.


  • Classical instrumentalists or vocalists age 19 or younger and not yet enrolled full-time at a conservatory or college are welcome to apply. Musicians must live within range of the WFMT FM signal (including Northwestern Indiana, Southwestern Michigan, and Southeastern Wisconsin). Students accepted at a university, college or conservatory but who have not yet commenced classes are still considered pre-college.
  • Bands, Orchestras, Choruses and small ensembles are encouraged to apply if a majority of the musicians fit the above criteria.

How to Apply

  1. Fill out the questionnaire below
  2. Upload your music!
    1. Choose two to three selections to submit totaling at least 10 minutes. You may upload music files or link to a YouTube video or existing music link. A movement of a longer work may be considered a selection. You may omit repeats and include cuts. Teachers or other adults may accompany soloists. Recordings should have been made within the current or previous school year and may not digitally enhanced (reverb is ok, editing out and re-recording mistakes is not!).
    2. If for some reason you cannot apply online, we will accept a CD. Answer the below questions on a piece of paper and send that along with CD to:

5400 N. St. Louis Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be paid to perform on WFMT?

Introductions is an educational program and therefore musicians participate on a voluntary basis. WFMT will cover accompanist expenses if necessary.

How are the participants selected?

Participants are chosen based on their musical ability in consultation with music professionals. All decisions are final.

I was not invited to perform on Introductions or I just performed on Introductions and I would like to perform again. Can I re-apply?

Soloists and ensembles may send one audition every year, even if you’ve sent an application in the past. Because we try to feature a wide range of performers, repeated appearances on Introductions are unlikely.

Audition Form

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If your upload form doesn't display within a few seconds, please check the FAQ or contact us at [email protected] We'd love to help out!