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      Esteban Benzecry

      New New Music 4

      Fiesta continues featuring what we call New New Music by living composers that declared themselves free from the hundred year old academic chains of “experimental” and/or “contemporary” and/or “avant-garde” music.

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      Juventino Rosas 1868-1894

      The Greatest Melodies

      Some of the sot popular melodies in history have a Latin American origin. From Villa-Lobos most famous “Bachiana” to “Estrellita”, from “Over the Waves” to “Girl of Ipanema”.

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      La Courna, Galicia, Spain

      Music from Galicia

      There are many ways of being a Spaniard. One of them is being a gallego (or Galician, in English). That area of Northern Spain has its own language, the gallego, and embraces firmly its ancestral Celtic traditions. After visiting Andalusia, Catalonia and the Basque Country, Fiesta heads toward Galicia

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      Juan Orrego-Salas (Chilean, b.1919)

      Juan Orrego-Salas (Chilean, b.1919)

      Baroque Influences

      The music written and performed in Latin America during the Colonial period (16th to early 19th centuries) has become more popular in recent years. However, even before those treasures were rediscovered, several composers from the region showed there interest in exploring the strong connections between Spanish (and European) music from the past and Latin American music, expressed also in the multiple similarities with early and baroque music one can find in Latin American folk music.

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      Cap Haitien, Haiti

      Music from Haiti

      Colonized by France, and the first country in Latin American to win its independence, Haiti is often neglected or forgotten in the context of the Latin American culture. Haiti, however, has a strong musical tradition. Fiesta will bring to the audience some of its most important composers.

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      Ana María Martínez

      Latin American Opera Singers

      From Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Flores to Puerto Rican soprano Ana María Martínez to Uruguayan bass-baritone Erwin Schrott, Latin America has given birth to some of the most brilliant opera singers to ever grace the stage. On this episode of Fiesta we will feature these singers and more.

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      Raul Jaurena

      Classical Tango 2

      Since the 1920’s classical composers have found inspiration in the urban music from Rio de la Plata. A new visit to symphonic and chamber repertoire inspired on this fascinating genre. Playlist: Raúl Jaurena (Uruguay, 1941) Tango 5 Senses (2015) -Taste -Smell -Vision -Hearing -Touch Raúl Jaurena and His Quintet Raul Jaurena, bandoneon Daniel Szasz, 1st. […]

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