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      Ástor Piazzolla (1921-1992)

      The Classical Side of Astor Piazzolla

      Astor Piazzolla was the person that, among other many accomplishments, put tango in the concert hall. In this program we visit some of the pieces he originally wrote for chamber ensembles and a symphonic orchestra.

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      Alberto Villalpando (Bolivian, b.1940)

      An Imaginary Concert

      Imagine for a second that you go to the concert hall and instead of the customary Leonore Overture No. 3 by Beethoven, a piano concerto by Mozart and a symphony by Brahms they play some colorful and vibrant pieces you never heard. Exciting! Right?
      This program features, as in a traditional symphonic concert, an exquisite and vibrant overture, a full-scale violin concerto, a monumental symphony… and even a delightful encore! The composers are Brazilian Edino Krieger, Bolivian Alberto Villalpando and Mexican Blas Galindo.

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      Leo Brouwer

      Leo Brouwer Once Again!

      Leo Brouwer is one of the most significant living composers, from Latin America or elsewhere… Born In Havana in 1939, he is widely known among guitar players and guitar students because of his revolutionary and brilliant works for solo guitar and his several guitar concerti. It is very strange, however, to see that audiences, musicians […]

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      Composer Celso Garrido Lecca

      Composer Celso Garrido Lecca

      Music of the Pacific

      Ten Latin American countries are bathed by the Pacific Ocean. In this program we are starting with the two southernmost among these nations: Peru and Chile.

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      Alberto Nepomuceno

      A Brazilian Romantic Giant: Alberto Nepomuceno

      Alberto Nepomuceno was a dominant figure of Brazilian music in the second part of the 19th century and into the 20th century until the arrival of Villa-Lobos. In this program of ¡Fiesta! we will feature a wide variety of pieces by this composer who is the link between the classical, romantic and post-romantic periods in his country.

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      Almeida Prado (Brazil, 1943-2010)

      Impression of Nature

      Well before the Impressionism claimed direct inspiration from nature, musicians from different eras and styles linked the music to the forces of Mother Nature. In this program we will feature masterpieces by composers Almeida Prado (Brazil), José Pablo Moncayo (México), and Alberto Villalpando (Bolivia).

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      Blas Galindo (1910-1993)

      Blas Galindo: Famous Unknown

      As Joaquín Rodrigo’s music has been overshadowed by the extraordinary success of Concerto de Aranjuez, the composer, Blas Galindo has experienced the same fate because of his Sones de Mariachi. This program focuses on the monumental work of Galindo as a symphonic composer as well as the author of some delicate and delightful chamber pieces.

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      Marlos Nobre

      Canyengue: African Roots – Part 1

      Canyengue is lunfardo (slang) from Rio de la Plata.  The word comes from the African Ki-Kongo language and means “melting with the music.” It would be impossible to understand the music of the Americas without the African cultural influence.  More than 15 million Africans were forcefully brought across the Atlantic Ocean.  At the same time, […]

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      Placido Domingo in ll Guarany

      Opera Heroes: Melesio Morales & Antônio Carlos Gomes

      Today a footnote in a history full, mostly, of Italian, German and French names, there were Latin American composers that were considered mega-stars in the opera houses of the 19th century: Mexican Melesio Morales and Brazilian Antônio Carlos Gomes.

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      Pelé (Edson Arantes do Nascimento)

      Soccer and Music

      It is known that soccer (or fútbol, as it is called in Spanish) constitutes and important element of Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese identity. Several composers, classical and popular, have dedicated memorable works to this sport, its emotions, memories and feats.

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      Teobaldo Power (Canary Islands, Spain, 1848-1884)

      Spanish Symphonies

      Few Spanish symphonies, if any, have found its place within the standard repertoire, a strange phenomenon, considering the richness and depth of the existing repertoire in this field. Fiesta! revisits this territory featuring pieces by Tomás Bretón, Andrés Gaos and Teobaldo Power.

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