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      Music from Cuba

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      Hilario Durán

      Hilario Durán

      Cuba is, and it has  always been since the Colonial period, one of the powerhouses of music in this side of the Atlantic. In this edition of Fiesta! we visit (or revisit, in some cases), the music of a handful of Cuban composers born between the 30’s and the 50’s: Héctor Angulo (b.1932), Carlos Fariñas (1934-2002), Paquito D’Rivera (b.1948), Andrés Alén (b.1950), Hilario Durán (b.1953). The only exception is the 19th century composer and pioneer of Cuban nationalist movement, Ignacio Cervantes.


      Andrés Alén (b.1950)

      Prelude N.5

      Prelude N.6

      Andrés Alén, piano

      Unicornio UN-CD80004


      Héctor Angulo (b.1932)

      Cantos Yoruba de Cuba

      1- Asokere

      2- Suayo

      3- Iyá mí Ilé

      4- Borotití

      5- Asokere 2

      6- Iyá mo dupé

      7- Yeye bi obi tosuo

      8- E Iekua

      9- Asokere 3

      Manuel Barrueco, guitar

      EMI 72435 56757 2 9


      Hilario Durán (b.1953)

      -New Danzón

      The Gryphon Trio

      Annalee Patipatanakoon, violin

      Roman Borys, cello

      Jamie Parker, piano

      Analekta AN 2 9857


      Carlos Fariñas (1934-2002)

      -Canción triste


      Manuel Barrueco, guitar

      EMI 72435 56757 2 9

      Paquito D’Rivera (b.1948)

      Three Pieces for Brass Quintet



      -El cura


      Dorival Puccini, Jr. – trumpet

      Colin Oldberg – trumpet

      Matthew Oliphant, French horn

      Brett Johnson – trombone

      Kevin Harrison – tuba

      AxiomBrass CD2010


      Ignacio Cervantes (1847-1905)

      Danzas cubanas

      Jorge Luis Prats, piano

      DECCA 478 2732


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