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      The Music of Sergio Cervetti

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      Sergio Cervetti

      Sergio Cervetti

      Sergio Cervetti left his native Uruguay in 1962 to study composition in the United States. From 1972 to 1997 and 2007-08, Cervetti was Master Teacher of Music at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. Cervetti’s works range from the acoustic to the electronic, and deftly blend folk elements, European tradition and minimalist aesthetics. After an early brush with twelve-tone and minimalism, imbuing minimalism with melody, for example, in early works such as Guitar Music (the bottom of the iceberg), Madrigal III and …from the earth…, his current approach is free and flexible. As much of a traditionalist as an innovator, he continues to straddle musical worlds with new works that showcase a post-modern synthesis of techniques from diverse periods as well as his rich South American heritage.


      Seven Farewells to Paradise

      1- O Adam, (O Allen) one Almighty is, from whom all things proceed

      2- A happy rural seat of various view

      3- Under a tuft of shade that on a green stood whispering soft

      4- Him the Almighty Power hurled headlong flaming from the ethereal sky

      5- Wave rolling after wave

      6- Then wilt thou not be loath to leave this Paradise

      7- Passacaglia: They hand in hand…through EDEN took their solitary way

      Sergio Cervetti, piano

      Navona Records, NV5900




      La Planicie del Mono – The Monkey’s Plain

      La Araña – The Spider

      El Colibrí – The Hummingbird

      Sueños del Extraterrestre – Dreams of the Extraterrestrial

      Las Manos, Himno – The Hands, Hymn

      Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra Strings

      Petr Vronsky, conductor

      Navona Records, NV587


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