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      Revisiting Leo Brouwer

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      Leo Brouwer (b. 1939 Cuba)

      Leo Brouwer (b. 1939 Cuba)

      Born in Havana in 1939, Leo Brouwer is one of the world’s more important living composers. At a time in which contemporary classical composers have had a hard time connecting with large audiences, Brouwer’s work, especially his prolific writing for the guitar, has become immensely popular. There is no major guitar player (Julian Bream, John Williams, Eduardo Fernández, Manuel Barrueco, Narciso Yepes, etc.) that does not or did not play some of his nine guitar concerti, or pieces such as his sonatas, the Decamerón Negro, Canticum, La Espiral Eterna or so many others. Himself, a formidable guitar virtuoso, Brouwer stopped performing after a car accident affected his left hand. After that, he dedicated more time to conducting, becoming the principal conductor for the Orquesta Sinfónica de Córdoba, Spain. And guest conducting with several first rate orchestras, including the Berlin Philharmonic and several other major European orchestras. Due to the longstanding political problems with the US and Cuba, Leo Brouwer is not as well known in the US as he is in the rest of the world. Brouwer’s music shows a wide variety of techniques, influences and styles. Often he uses the rhythms and melodies of the Afro-Cuban musical traditions, but he also works with the most abstract procedures of modern music, writing variations on themes by The Beatles and Django Reinhardt or composing the music for a movies such as “Water for Chocolate”, or composes the most romantic passages of the 21st century.


      Homenaje a Falla

      Víctor Pellegrini, guitar

      Michele Marasco, flute

      Rossana Calvi, oboe

      Marco Ortolani, clarinet

      Frame CD FR9726-2



      String Quartet No.3

      -Ritual Voice for the New Year

      -Through the Body of the Wind

      -Impossible Dance

      -The Rhythm of the Night Changed

      The Havana String Quartet

      Yamir Portuondo, Eugenio Valdés: violins

      Jorge Hernández: viola

      Deborah Yamak: cello

      Zoho Classix ZM 201 108



      Concerto Elegiaco (No.3)



      -Finale (Toccata)

      Ricardo Cobo, guitar

      Pro Musica Kiev

      Richard Kapp, conductor

      Essay CD 1040


      2 Responses to “Revisiting Leo Brouwer”

      1. Dean Silvers says:

        Elbio, Siempre me encantan tus programas. Por tantos años estababa enamorado de la música de Brouwer. ¡Entonces, que fantástico que el es el tema de hoy!
        mil gracias, Dean Silvers (Santa Cruz, Calif.)

      2. Jim Long says:

        It was really great hearing the fine music of a composer heretofore unknown to me! Thanks for this introduction!

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