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      A Opera das Pedras: Opera of the Stones

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      A Opera das Pedras: Opera of the Stones

      A Opera das Pedras: Opera of the Stones

      )A newly composed collective Brazilian opera based on the work of the artist Denise Milan and with the participation of composers/performers such as André Mehmari, Badi Assad, Carlinhos Antunes, Clarice Assad, Marco Antonio Guimarâes, Naná Vasconcelos, Tiago Pinheiro.



      Opera das Pedras Website

      Denise Milan Website

      Purchase CD (site in Portuguese)


      Ópera das Pedras – Primeiras Vozes (trailer)

      Ópera das Pedras – exposição e performance

      6 Responses to “A Opera das Pedras: Opera of the Stones”

      1. Ann Raven says:

        This is such a creative idea! I KNOW that I have seen this Opera of the Stones somewhere too. Thanks for this broadcast. The evil basalt has just begun to threaten the gems!

      2. Bobbie says:

        “Opera of the Stones” is hauntingly gorgeous! I’m knowledgeable in opera, but have never heard anything like it. Thank you so much for streaming it.

      3. Rey Phillips says:

        You mentioned links, but I’m not seeing any links here. And do you have any publication info, because I’d like to pick up a copy. Thanks.

      4. William Tilghman says:

        Where can I buy Opera das Pedras

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