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      Guitarist Eduardo Fernandez

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      Eduardo Fernandez

      Eduardo Fernandez

      Uruguayan guitarist Eduardo Fernandez introduces us to music of his country, and also plays works from Colombia and Paraguay. This varied program includes Tres Piezas Para Guitarra composed by Fiesta host, Elbio Barilari.


      • Gentil Montaña: Suite Number 4: Nostalgia Bogotana
        Bambuco, PorroLa Catedral
      • Agustín Barrios: Preludio, Andante religioso, Allegro solemne
      • Carlos Guastavino: Sonata para guitarra: I. Allegro deciso e molto ritmico
      • Elbio Barilari: Tres piezas para guitarra
      • Jaurés Lamarque-Pons: Concertino de Invierno para guitarra, cuerdas y percusion

      One Response to “Guitarist Eduardo Fernandez”

      1. Michael Maraat says:

        Hello Mr. Barilari,
        I am a rather recent fan of your show, but becoming a more regular listener, currently loving the guitar music played by Eduardo Fernandez (8/3/14). As a guitarist, I am so happy to hear the wide variety of guitar repertoire that you feature, but I was really taken by the show that starred the young string quartet. Of the many pieces played that show, I really enjoyed hearing your own composition (I had no idea you were a composer). Edit: I am now listening to the first of your guitar pieces played on today’s show, I can’t properly describe the joy I’m experiencing right now.

        Now that I am a proud owner of an iPod, I will be looking forward to downloading many of your shows and listening to them repeatedly. I wish you much success in all of your endeavors, but most of all I hope that WFMT continues to air your show at least as long as it has mainstays such as The Midnight Special.

        Thank you for presenting this wonderful show and opening up my musical experience the most it has been in many years.

        Michael J. Maraat

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