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      Baroque Influences

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      Juan Orrego-Salas (Chilean, b.1919)

      Juan Orrego-Salas (Chilean, b.1919)

      The music written and performed in Latin America during the Colonial period (16th to early 19th centuries) has become more popular in recent years. However, even before those treasures were rediscovered, several composers from the region showed there interest in exploring the strong connections between Spanish (and European) music from the past and Latin American music, expressed also in the multiple similarities with early and baroque music one can find in Latin American folk music.


      Juan Orrego-Salas (Chilean, b.1919)

      From Romances Pastorales Op.10 (on texts by Luis de Góngora)

      -De los montes vengo

      -En un pastoral albergue

      Indiana University Contemporary Vocal Ensemble

      Carmen Helena Téllez, conductor

      LAMC CD2007-01 08


      Abel Carlevaro (Uruguayan, 1916-2001)

      Concerto for Guitar and Harpsichord -Allegro comodo

      -Larghetto, quasi canzone

      -Allegro spiritoso

      Abel Carlevaro, guitar

      Martin Derungs, harpsichord

      Live recording at Theater am Gleis, Winterhur, Switzerland 6/11/1999

      Tacuabé T/E 37


      Julián Orbón (Spanish-Cuban, 1925-1991)

      Three Symphonic Versions

      -Pavana (Luis de Milán)

      -Organum-Conductus (Perotinus)

      -Xylophone (Congo)

      Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela

      Eduardo Mata, conductor

      Dorian DOR-90179



      A Guitar Lesson with Abel Carlevaro



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