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      The Choro Music of Brazil

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      Carmen Miranda

      Carmen Miranda

      “Choro is classical music played with bare feet and callus on the hands” – Aquiles Rique Reis, Brazilian singer.  Long before samba music became a Brazilian icon, the musicians of Brazil were gathering around a table with beer and nibbles playing Choro music.  Scholar and musician Julie Koidin introduces us to this urban music of the Fabvelas with recordings of Pixinguinha, Joaquim Callado, Carmen Miranda and Heitor Villa-Lobos.


      Zequinha de Abreu:                Tico Tico no fuba (Carmen Miranda, voice) Harlequin Records 94

      Joaquim Callado:                                Flor Amorosa (Altamiro Carrilho, flute & clarinet) Private Collection

      Choro:                                     Zinha (Patapio Silva and his band) Revivendo M

      Chyiquinha Gonzaga:             Bione (Maria Teresa Madera, piano) Private Collection

      Radamés Gnattali:                              Serenata no Joa (Radamés Gnattali Trio)

      Heitor Villa-Lobos:                 Choro Tipico (David Russell, guitar) iTunes

      Edino Krieger:                                    Choro Mahoso (Alexandre Dossin, piano) A Touch of Brazil BGH

      Jacob do Bandolim:                Reminiscencias (Jacob do Bandolim band) Private Collection

      Pixinguinha:                            Cariñoso (Elizeth Cardodo and Radames Gnatalli and orchestra)

      Nilson Lombardi:                    Ponteio No. 1 and 6 (Beatriz Balzi, piano)

      Heitor Villa-Lobos:                 Quinteto en forma de Choro (Quinteto Villa-Lobos) Kuarup Disco

      Zequinha de Abreu:                Tico Tico no fuba (Paquito D’Rivera, clarinet) iTunes

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      1. Joe Lane says:

        Excellent program.

        Where can I find the book , even in Portugese ?

        Joe Lane

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