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      Musical Zoo: the Animal Kingdom in the Music of Latin America

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      Andean Condor

      Andean Condor

      Latin America, with its rainforests, mountains, plains and wetlands, has originated a large number of songs and instrumental works dedicated to the animal kingdom.

      “Pajarillo,” (little bird) is a very famous Venezuelan folk melody.  Omar Acosta and Jorge Montilla have written their own versions.

      The Uirapuru is a bird from the Amazon rainforest famous for its beautiful singing. This program already featured the two pieces Heitor Villa-Lobos dedicated to this creature.  His friend and disciple Camargo Guarnieri also wrote a full scale symphony entitled “Uirapuru” and dedicated the work to Villa-Lobos.

      Palomita Blanca” means “little white pigeon.” Arguably this is the most famous waltz from Rio de la Plata.


      Omar Acosta:  Solo de pajarillo
      (Solo of the Little Bird)
      Ysmael Reyes, flute

      Jorge Montilla: Registro de pajarillo
      (Range of the Little Bird)
      Jorge Montilla, E-flat clarinet

      Anonymous from Perú: El Cóndor pasa
      (Flight of the Condor)

      David Burguess, guitar

      Ariel Ramírez: El perro
      (The Dog)

      Polly Ferman, piano

      Vicente Greco:  El cuzquito
      (Little Mutt)

      Orquesta Imperial

      Camargo Guarnieri: Sinfonia No.2, Uirapuru
      Orquestra Sinfonica do Estado de Sao Paulo, John Neschling, conductor

      Anselmo Aieta: Palomita Blanca
      (Little White Pigeon)

      María Luisa Rayan, harp


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