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      Native Influences

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      Cergio Prudencio

      Cergio Prudencio

      Starting in colonial times, many mestizo and European-born musicians tried to reflect in their music the sounds of the new world.  Indigenous melodies and rhythms provided a new source of inspiration for these composers in all Latin American countries, and this influence continues to be heard in the music of today’s composers.


      Carlos Chávez (Mexico, 1899-1978): Xochipilli – Imagined Aztec Music
      La Camerata, Panamerican Chamber Players, Tambuco,
      Mexican Percussion Quartet, Eduardo Mata, conductor

      Gabriela Frank (US, b. 1972): Inca Dances
      Lamento del Panaca, Danza del Maliqui-Rey
      Manuel Barrueco, guitar; Cuarteto Latinoamericano

      Cergio Prudencio (Bolivia): Cantos Meridianos
      “Canto Sikuri” Orchestra (Australia), and members of the Orquesta Experimental de Instrumentos Indígenas (Bolivia)
      Kerry Fletcher, voice; James Webb, didgeridoo; Catherine James, trumpet; Neil Craig, percussion; Cergio Prudencio, conductor

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