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      Canyengue: African Roots – part 2

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      Edu Lobo, composer

      Edu Lobo, composer

      Canyengue is lunfardo (slang) from Rio de la Plata. The word comes from the Ki-Kongo language and means “melting with the music.”

      It would be imposible to understand the music of the Americas without the African apportation. More than 15 million Africans were forcely brought across the Atlantic. At the same time, the native peoples were going almost extinct due to mistreatment and  exploitation but also because of the epidemic deases carried by the Europeans.

      Genres like jazz, salsa, Brazilian samba or tango from Rio de la Plata cannot be explained without the African element. This second program shows the African influence on four Latin American living composers, the Brazilian Edu Lobo, better known as one of the pioneers of his countrie’s modern song, the Hatian Ludovic Lamothe, who was also a well known piano vortuoso, and two composers living in the US, the Venezuelan Ricardo Lorenz and the Uruguayan Elbio Barilari, also Fiesta’s host.


      Edu Lobo: Suite Popular Brasileira
      l.Batuque de Guerra ll. Quase Memoria lll. Pe de vento
      OSESP, John Neschling, conductor
      Private collection

      Ricardo Lorenz: En Tren Vá Changó
      Moravian  Philharmonic Orchestra
      Rafael Jiumenez, conductor
      Navona Records 5820

      Ludovic Lamothe: La Dangéreuse
      William Chapman Nyaho, piano

      Elbio Barilari: Canyengue
      Orquesta Filarmónica de Montevideo
      Fernando Condon, conductor
      Private Collection

      Antonio Carlos Jobim: Samba do Aviao
      David Burgess, guitar
      Tritone Records

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