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      Canyengue: African Roots – part 1

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      Carlos Rafael Rivera

      Carlos Rafael Rivera


      Canyengue is lunfardo (slang) from Rio de la Plata. The word comes from the African Ki-Kongo language and means “melting with the music.”

      It would be imposible to understand the music of the Americas without the African apportation. More than 15 million Africans were forcely brought across the Atlantic Ocean. At the same time, the native peoples were almost extinct due to mistreatment and  exploitation but also because of the epidemic diseases carried to the Americas by the Europeans.

      Genres like jazz, salsa, Brazilian samba or tango from Rio de la Plata cannot be explained without the African element. These 2 programs show the African influence on Latin American concert music.



      Anonymous: Tarambote
      Ensamble Turicum
      Brasil K617131

      Avelino Valenti: Pepita
      Jazmín Arakawa, piano
      LAMC 2007

      Ignacio Cervantes: Danzas cubanas
      Jorge Luis Prats, piano

      Camargo Guarnieri: Danca Negra (3:28)
      Danca Brasileira (2:23)
      Danca Selvagem (2:00)
      Max Barros, piano
      Naxos 8.572626-27

      Lamarque Pons: Danza de la negrita presumida
      Elida Gencarelli, piano
      Private collection
      Amadeo Roldan: Rítmica 5

      New World Symphony Orchestra
      Michael Tilson Thomas
      Argo 436 737 2

      Carlos Rafael Rivera: Cumba-Quin
      LAGQ, guitars
      Carlos Rivera Music

      Pablo Bellinati: Jongo
      Christopher Laughlin, guitar
      Peregrin 51001

      Marlos Nobre: Convergencias Op. 28
      Simon Bolivan Symphony Orch. of  Venezuela
      Heri-Lynn Wilson, Conductor
      Dorian 90254

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