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      Poetry by Carol Feiser Laque

      A Brazilian Symphony for Elbio Barilari, composer

      My Home is an open window,
      And no one sleeps there.
      Without feet, a map, a score—
      I am petals dropping into a tempo.

      Doors to deepest earth ajar–
      I sing long before my birth
      falling inside a tropical rainforest
      softly percussive—all sound and ceremony.

      Out of a loamy fragrance, a melody
      begins—as my fingers awaken—
      plucking my guitar, I am alive
      inside a Brazilian Symphony.

      Let there be no epitaph for the storm.
      A conduct all of heaven and earth
      into one Time—
      a Perfect Thunder, a Perfect Light.

      Carol Feiser Laque

      From Latin American Music Based on Popular Genres
      Prelude and Fugue/Primitive Samba

      Title: Preludio e Fuga
      Composer: Edino Krieger
      Pianist: Alexandre Dossin

      She steps out of pools
      one ripple after another
      fallen pure as
      showers are gathered,
      and she memorizes
      the morning rainfall.

      Her damp fingers point
      full of pounding blood
      as noon slants her
      burning legs in the
      swarming sunlight

      Each step embers and remembers
      as a samba circles
      from inside her dreams
      more that alive
      into a green gesture from
      when she was once green

      An old woman now
      whom Time seizes
      into circles around her;
      she moves gently back
      into dawn from dusk.

      Out of dearth opening
      her lips part red
      breathing worlds
      curling a sacred samba
      from her hips.

      Out of death forever
      an ancient samba
      newly born from rain
      showers into noon scorching

      Her passion slides
      into the dance and
      her body remembers
      to move like a flame
      when Time opened her
      and she was born a woman.

      Carol Feiser Laque
      © 2012

      From Latin American Music Based on Popular Genres
      A Mayan Mythic Symphony

      Title: Popol Vuh: The Maya Creation
      Composer: Alberto Ginastera
      Conductor: Gisele Ben-Dor
      Orchestra: BBC National Orchestra of Wales

      An ancient Silence shrugs
      and moans—hissing
      from a volcano—temples
      spilling orange rock
      liquid as horns swell,
      and ebb while players
      emerge and echo jungle ruins from
      a magnificent fog.

      Lava slips while jaguars,
      flutes stream over the sea,
      and birds flock awake on land—
      astonished from nesting—
      they gather before the first day.

      Hands pounding, carving
      dusty with language
      draw and play black with a sweet violin—
      the trill creshendos a
      soaring solo.

      Smoky, disappearing Time begins
      into a yearning harmony.
      Who can endure spectrums of
      contagions drums swelling
      to pitch the triumph
      while trumpets sound—
      all creation swarms terraces
      from the marshy miasma of fantasy
      with a life chanting,
      clapping dissonance as
      percussion circles

      With birds on warm
      updrafts—this vapor
      divides man made
      sound and silence
      gathering distant, future fossils.

      The future is a shadow walking—
      reaching into brooding airy temples
      reaching into black stone
      past yellow drenched reaching—
      conducting windy rage
      in golding waves.

      The melody smears silence
      as trumpets call triumphant—
      a prehistoric language
      back from forever
      into a Now Mayan movement.

      All animals and humanity
      merge tenderly, pre Columbian
      assaulting thoughtfulness
      holding close, sacrificing
      Mesoamerica into
      A round, classic calendar
      found in a Guatemalan rainforest
      music swells black, sly blue
      into everything, everyone, nothing fully—

      Until in one prophetic moment,
      Beyond all sound,
      a Guatemalan doomsday
      is gracefully gathered
      magically beyond a symphonic roar
      into one apocalyptic Embrace.

      Carol Feiser Laque

      Friend and listener of Fiesta, Carol Feiser Laque is also a local poet.  She received her undergraduate degree at Wittenberg College and her M.A. in English at the University of Cincinnati.  Here she has written three poems to music featured on Fiesta.  For more of her work, visit Carol Laque

      Thanks to Carol for these poems and to Katie Burns for helping with this blog.

      And a special thanks to Joyce Saxon for the lovely lunches that have lead to these poems!

      -Cydne and Elbio

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