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Leaving WQXR, NYC

Hi – Bill Siegmund the engineer here. Thursday October 8th at 8:00pm Eastern will be the end of WQXR @ 96.3FM. WQXR had been owned by the New York Times since 1944, until it was sold to NPR affiliate WNYC this past summer. And it’s been the base of operations for Exploring Music for almost four years. Today Bill M. and I recorded some shows on French music, and when I walk out of here I won’t be coming back. Well, I will come back to pack up our equipment, but by the time that happens this place will be emptied of all the wonderful, incredible, generous, hard-working people who’ve made this station as good as it is over the years. I’m done working now, and as I write I’m listening to WQXR’s programming, which is at the moment a live broadcast from the Instituto de Cervantes here in Manhattan. They do a series called In the Gardens of Spain, hosted by the always delightful David Dubal. The series continues for a few weeks, and will carry over to the new WQXR, which moves to 105.9 on the FM dial. The technical aspects of the broadcast were expertly handled by Anthony Bartlett, whom you might know from his having engineered some of our Exploring Music shows, and the concert was attended by Margret Mercer, WQXR’s program director, and Harold Chambers, the former Director of Operations. These are two of the people I will miss from around here, and I hope very much to catch up with them for some revelry this week. Thanks from all of us on Exploring Music to everyone who has been so gracious during our stay here. I look forward to all the times our paths will cross in the future.



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