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      Leontyne Price at 90

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      It is not an exaggeration to say that the voice of Leontyne Price is among the very finest that our country has produced. Recordings from her signature roles, a spiritual and her own commentary will be heard as this beloved American diva celebrates her 90th birthday.


      Puccini: Tosca, “Vissi d’arte”
      Leontyne Price with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
      Conducted by Herbert Von Karajan
      Recorded in Vienna in 1962
      DECCA 289 466 384-2

      Leontyne Price comments on her interpretation of Puccini and Verdi roles
      With John Pfeifer
      BMG 09026-68153-2

      Verdi: lI Trovatore, “Tacea la notte”
      Leontyne Price and Laura Londi with the Rome Opera Orchestra
      Conducted by Arturo Basile
      Recorded in Rome in 1959
      RCA VICTOR: 09026-68883-2

      Puccini: La Rondine, “Chi il bel sogno di Doretta”
      Leontyne Price with the Rome Opera Orchestra
      Conducted by Oliviero di Fabritis
      Recorded in Rome in 1960
      RCA VICTOR 09026-68883-2

      Puccini: Madama Butterfly, “Butterfly’s Entrance”
      Leontyne Price with the RCA Italiana Orchestra and Chorus
      Conducted by Erich Leinsdorf
      Recorded in Rome in 1962
      RCA VICTOR 09026-68884-2

      Verdi: Aida, “O patria mia”
      Leontyne Price with the Rome Opera Orchestra
      Conducted by Sir Georg Solti
      Recorded in Rome in 1962
      LONDON 417 419-2

      Leontyne Price speaking of her relationship with Samuel Barber
      With John Pfeiffer
      BMG 09026-68153-2

      Barber: Antony and Cleopatra, “Give me some music”
      Leontyne Price with the New Philharmonia Orchestra
      Conducted by Thomas Schippers
      Recorded in London in 1968
      BMG 09026-61983-2

      Meyerbeer: L’Africaine, “Sur mes genoux, fils du soleil”
      Leontyne Price with RCA Italiana Opera Orchestra
      Conducted by Francesco Molinari- Pradelli
      Recorded in Rome in 1966
      RCA VICTOR 09026-61236-2

      Zandonai: Francesca da Rimini,“Paolo, datemi pace!”
      Leontyne Price with the RCA Italiana Opera Orchestra
      Conducted by Francesco Molinari- Pradelli
      Recorded in Rome in 1968
      RCA VICTOR 09026-61236-2

      “This little light of mine”
      Leontyne Price with David Garvey, pianoRecorded in 1991
      BMG 09026-68153-2

      3 Responses to “Leontyne Price at 90”

      1. […] legendary soprano, Leontyne Price! Several excellent tributes have been written (here, here, and here, among many others) to recognize her extraordinary and groundbreaking career as an artist—in […]

      2. Larry outdid himself with this program. I was skeptical that the aria from La Ronnie would be as glorious as he claims. But it is. Alll the Verdi was stunning, too. And it was delightful listening to Madame Price’s spoken voice. Great work, Larry!

      3. Russ Geschke says:

        I missed the broadcast this past Saturday, so just listened to it last night, online. Bravo Leontyne and bravo to you too! I’d forgotten that laser like upper register of hers. It’s good for all your listeners to be reminded (1) Not to forget Leontyne, and (2) that singing really can be this great (but usually isn’t). Her “Vissi d’arte” that you played has to be among the handful of the very best recordings of it. I could go on and on. A whole hour this time? Well it’s about time! It just flew by. I’ve always felt that one-half hour was not enough for all the informed commentary and music that could (and should) be aired. Anyway, it certainly was Leontyne “Ritorna vincitor!”

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