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July 2017
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Andrew Patner on Arts and Culture

Lesser-Knowns (rebroadcast)

In a program from 2010, Andrew Patner features recordings by lesser-known composers (Hans Gál and Roger Boutry), a lesser-heard instrument (the bassoon) and a little Chopin to round it out.

Chinary Ung and George Crumb (rebroadcast)

In a program from 2009, Andrew Patner features recordings of works by American composers Chinary Ung and George Crumb from Bridge Records.

Mostly French Recordings and some surprises from 7-11 (rebroadcast)

In a program from 2009, Andrew Patner presents a program of mostly French recordings from Harmonia Mundi. He also shares some music he found at the local convenience store…

Some World War II Instrumental Jazz (rebroadcast)

In a program from 2015, Andrew shares some upbeat American jazz records from the dark days of the Second World War in early 1944.

Giacinto Scelsi (rebroadcast)

In a program from 2007, Andrew Patner presents music by the pioneering and independent 20th century Italian composer Giacinto Scelsi, 1905-1988.

Music From Norway (rebroadcast)

In a program from 2009, Andrew Patner presents a program of recordings of Norwegian composers and by artists from the Risør Chamber Music Festival there.

Music for the New Year (rebroadcast)

In a program that first aired in January of 2012, Andrew Patner presents a program of music for the new year.

Black Sabbath (no, not that Black Sabbath) – Part 1 of 2 (rebroadcast)

In a part one of a two-part program from 2013, Andrew Patner presents Black Sabbath: The Secret Musical History of Black-Jewish Relations,  a remarkable collection of Black American recording artists performing Yiddish and other Jewish songs.

Merry Mary — A 1973 Chicago Children’s Choir Christmas (rebroadcast)

Mary had a baby.  In a program from 2013, Andrew Patner shares the 1973 Brewster LP recording wherein The Chicago Children’s Choir merrily sings about this event (and more).

Music and Reflections on WFMT’s 60th Anniversary (rebroadcast)

In a program from 2011, Andrew Patner celebrates WFMT’s 60th Anniversary with music and reflections of years-past.