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December 2013
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Andrew Patner on Arts and Culture

Critical Thinking: Merry Mary — A 1973 Chicago Children’s Choir Christmas

Mary had a baby.  The Chicago Children’s Choir merrily sings about this event (and more) on a 1973 Brewster LP recording Andrew shares.

  • Christine Hauville

    Hi Andy, that was such a treat. Thanks for doing that, what a great album with such diverse music. Watch out for those fast tempi! Many have passed on but live in our hearts and singing. My heart is filled with joy.

    Christine Hauville

  • Rudolph Gartner

    It was touching and heartwarming to hear Andrew Patner broadcast the entire LP of “Behold That Star,” a 1973 recording made by the Chicago Children’s Choir under the direction of its founder, Reverend Christopher Moore. Many of us alumni of the choir listened to Andrew’s show “Critical Thinking” yesterday evening where he featured the album. Having heard many, many choirs sing and perform since those wonder-filled days in high school, I can confidently say that the Chicago Children’s Choir sang with confidence, surety and clearness of tone, pitch, and diction, and with an acute rhythmic feel. The choir truly was, and is, an outstanding institution, and we all have Chris Moore and his dedicated staff and parents such as Jane Mather, Ivy Beard, Joe Brewer, Martha Faulhaber, and others, to thank and honor for this. Thanks and kudos also to Andrew Patner for his generosity of spirit in airing this album of a unique, spirit-filled children’s choir.

  • Cara Szeghy

    I want to thank Andrew Patner for this marvelous program. It is so wonderful to hear the choir and this beautiful music again. I was a young girl in the choir, and this years-long experience was one of the very best parts of my childhood. It is a small miracle to hear this 40-year old album again, and to have these deep and fond memories resurface. Andrew, your beautiful readings and compassionate comments are a highlight of my Solstice and Christmas holiday. Thank You. I wish you, and everyone at the station a Peace-filled and loving holiday. Gratefully, Cara Szeghy

  • Margaret Mond

    This brought tears to my eyes! I was so fortunate to be a part of this wonderful choir. Thank you for sharing a bit of Chicago and it’s magnificent history.

  • Ellen Miller

    Thank you Andy. I held my breath when you read Jane’s liner notes so as not to miss a word. The tears I managed to hold back until David Edmonds’ voice rang out so full and clear. What a gift you have given.

  • Christina Faulhaber

    thank you so much Andy, this is wonderful to hear after all these years. and of course I appreciate the acknowledgement of my mom. We do owe her and Chris and Jane and Ivy and Joe so much. I have such fond memories of choir. Christina Faulhaber